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Lucky365 is one of Winbox most trusted online casino providers that is well-known for its huge variety of slot games. Lucky365 is an online based online slots, meaning unlike other online slots that required downloading specific APK like 918kiss, Mega888 and Lion King Slots, no download will be required for Lucky365 making iOS user that usually faces downloading issue due to iOS user protection regulations can also enjoy the wondrous experience Lucky365 has to offer. Lucky365 has up to 52 slots as the time of this writing and can stand a chance to win more than 1 million worth of jackpot. 

Lucky365 can be accessed in all available search browsers such as Google chrome, Safari, Opera Microsoft Edge and more! Like any other Winbox games, users will be required to download Winbox Apps 1st before being able to play it online. We will provide a step by step guide on how to download Winbox and play Lucky365 after the end of this review, so please stay tuned. 

Overall Ratings

  • Trust Fairness: Lucky365 is licensed by PAGGOR which is a 100% government-owned and controlled corporation that focuses on anti-illegal online gambling activity that does not follow the approved average winning rate which is up to 85% – 95%. Therefore players can be rest assured when it comes to trust worthiness.
  • Games: Unfortunately, Lucky365 does not have as many games as its competitors like JILI Slots or Lion King. which it only contains video slots, online slots, jackpot slots and a fishing game which is still new in development.
  • Bonuses: Like any other Winbox slots, Lucky365 also has its share of bonus and promotion. When you play Lucky365 under the affiliate of you are entitled to our exclusive free credit giveaways and special rebate bonus, we will go to the specifics later on, but for more details kindly find our customer service live chat located at the bottom right corner.
  • Customer Support: Like all our slots provided in winboxclub, our live chat support 24/7 online services and a maximum of 1 minute reply policy. Our customer service supports up to 5 languages which are English, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Hokkien, Cantonese. Customers can also contact us via Whatsapp, Telegram for faster reply.

Basic Information

  • Website:
  • Games: Video Slots, Online Slots, Jackpot Slots and Fishing Games
  • License: PAGCOR
  • Support: Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Currencies: MYR
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Malay

Safety and Security

When it comes to protecting the information and data of gamers, one of the most fundamental and essential aspects of maintaining online safety is to protect the information and data of gamers. Lucky365 is used by a big number of people who love to play online slots or casino games so that they can save their important information. Due to this fact, online casinos are expected to take reasonable efforts to protect the personal information of their customers from being obtained by con artists and other types of criminals. Examples of the kinds of operations that might be included in these phases include firewall protection, robust data encryption mechanisms, and other processes that are very similar to those described above.

Lucky365 uses HTTPS to protect the data of its users, which offers a high level of privacy for any and all files that are sent between players. This includes any and all game files. In addition to that, it makes use of the 256-bit encryption method to protect not only the login information of the users but also any other essential player information that may be stored there.

Bonuses and Promotion


Of course we are going to talk about Lucky365 juicy bonuses and free credit giveaways, below is the listed promotion that Lucky365 is entitled when playing the game: 

  • Welcome Bonus
    Deposit a minimum amount of RM20 and get a 50% top up bonus when you 1st play Lucky365.
  • Daily Spin Bonus
    Deposit a minimum amount of RM30 and get 1 spin daily that up to RM50 free credit.
  • Slot Game Turnover Bonus
    Make a minimum amount of RM20 and get to spin for free credit on the next day based on your turnover. 

Players can contact our 24/7 live chat located on the bottom right corner for more detailed explanation. 

Available Games

As mentioned previously Lucky365 is famous for its online slots, therefore 90% of the game consists of online slots, here are the listed online slots you should play while playing Lucky365, there is also a fishing game that was released recently, we will introduce it below as well.

Online Slots: 

  • Dolphin Reef 

Dolphin Reef is an aquatic marine themed online slots. the game has a minimum bet of 20 which is RM0.20 and a maximum bet of 15000 which is RM150 per spin, the slots also consist of 3 tiers of jackpot which is the Minor jackpot, Major jackpot and the Mega jackpot depending on how much money you put per spin, Dolphin Reef is now the number 1 ranking online slots available in Lucky365 as the moment of this writing consider its famous for high RTP rate and player’s familiarity due to its availability in 918kiss, Jili, Lion King and Mega888 as well. 

  • Egypt Queen 

Egypt Queen is another hot slot that has been trending in Lucky365 for quite some time. It is an Egyptian themed slot that has a lot of ancient Egyptian symbols as reels in the payline. Similar to Dolphin Reef, Egypt Queen also consist of 3 tiers of jackpot which is the Minor jackpot, Major jackpot and the Mega jackpot depending on how much money player insert per spin. but Egypt Queen has a minimum bet of 250 which is RM0.25 and a maximum bet of 15000 which is which is RM150 per spin. Be the Queen of Egypt and conquer the whole of Egypt with Egypt Queen.

  • God Of Wealth 2 

God of wealth 2 also known as Fa Fa Fa 2 is a famous chinese god of fortune themed online slots that is well known since way back SCR888 is still the top of the online slots in Malaysia. with chinese feng shui symbols in reels that can boost your luck for that sweet sweet jackpot what more can you ask for ? God of wealth 2 has a minimum bet of 9 (RM0.09) and a maximum bet of 13500 (RM13.50) per spin. be the look up for the symbol “” as when it appears the bonus WILD feature game is triggered. Became rich with the god of fortune by your side with God of wealth 2. 

Video Slots:

As the name suggests, video slots is a type of slots that is different from your usual slots with an extra layer (or two) of multimedia. video slots can feature animations, sounds and thematic graphics. In this respect, they bear a close resemblance to arcade games as well as classic slots machines. 

  • Monkey King Series Video Slots 

1st in the list we have monkey king video slots that 1st came into the spotlight way back in 2014 in SCR888 now also known as 918kiss. Since then Monkey King Video Slots has reached its latest series Monkey King 3 as the time of this writing in 2022 with more spin and bonus variation and design changes. Like all the previous version Monkey King Video Slots features the famous chinese folklore story “journey to the west” with the monkey king “wukong” and other famous characters that are found in the story, The video slots also feature unique fighting animation for each spin variation making it spin an unique experience. for more information regarding Monkey king video slots check out our written review here. 

Fishing Game: 

Fishing game is a new type of online casino game that allows co-op multiplayer up to 4 people. Each of the 4 players control one gun located on different corners of the screen and players will need to shoot nets on a variety of sea creatures that worth different points, the strength of each net you throw is depending on how many money you set per net and not to mention different sea creatures need different amount of net in order to be taken down. So you need to strategize with your friend on how to use the least bullet to take down the biggest of the fish (points). 

  • Dragon Palace 

Dragon Palace is the only fishing game in Lucky365 as of the time of this writing. Dragon palace consist of many variety of sea creatures which include golden jellyfish, hammer sharks, golden sea turtles and more, like any other online fishing game, the same rules applies to dragon palace as well, your main objective is to co-op with the other 3 players and take down as much sea creatures as you possibly can, but with a twist, dragon palace has a random rare chance to encounter boss fights, defeating the boss fight will reward you high return. Play Dragon Palace in Lucky365 today. 

Official Test ID from Lucky365

Players can get a feel of Lucky365 without the need to deposit a buck with Lucky365 test ID as listed below. Take note that the test ID can only be logged in one ID per person, therefore you need to queue for it. 

Official Test Account provided by Lucky365: 

User ID: luckytest0001 – 9999

Password: lucky365 


In Summary, if you are looking for a fun time playing online slots, Lucky365 is the slot for you, although the variety of slot game is not as much as 918kiss or Lion King, the slot does not require an APK to play, meaning it has no restriction when it comes to availability. Given time, I’m sure Lucky365 will have a chance to compete amongst the online slots giants. Play Lucky365 here or check out other online casino providers available within Winbox. 


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