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In this age of instant gratification and technology, it’s not surprising that more and more people choose to play casino games online instead of going to a casino. Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular because it’s easy to play from home, among other things. Players who want to play without being watched would be able to do so, and the rush of winning cash is exciting and appealing to many people. All of this makes it so there are more and more online casinos to choose from. Thanks to its numerous promotions, bonuses, events, tournaments, and special cashback offers, the Winbox online casino has rapidly become one of the most popular sites for people in Malaysia to play online slot games, live table games, fishing games, and a wide variety of other games. Winbox wants to work with only the best game companies in town, so their partnership with PLAY8 makes sense. 

Although PLAY8 may not be the most well-known online casino software supplier in Malaysia, it is highly recommended by reputable online casino companies for its exceptional content, service, and other business aspects. Nevertheless, PLAY8 casino offers a wide variety of up to 100 thematic online slot games with amazing designs and fishing games, providing players with a diverse selection of options to choose from.  

When it comes to mobile gaming, mobile optimization, casinos that can be used outside, quick access, and user-friendly navigational properties, PLAY8 distinguishes out from the competition. This is because they have created a mobile gaming experience that is both user-friendly and fluid, and they are collaborating with Winbox online casino to make it available to all Malaysian online casino enthusiasts. PLAY8’s online slot games have a reputation for being consistently of excellent quality and providing players with a great deal of entertainment, which is why so many Winbox online casino players enjoy them. 

PLAY8 Overall Ratings

  • Trust Fairness: The PLAY8 online casino platform may be too new, but it is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a foolproof safety mechanism to safeguard its users’ personal information.
  • Games: The PLAY8 online casino offers a variety of high-quality casino games, including Slots and Fishing Games.
  • Bonuses: Winbox provides a range of bonuses and promotions to players of the PLAY8 casino via the Winbox application, including the Welcome Bonus, Daily Spin Bonus, and Turnover Bonus. 
  • Customer Support: The online casino Winbox offers the PLAY8 casino to its users. Therefore, users can contact customer assistance at any moment via Live Chat, WhatsApp, and Telegram. 

Safety and Security

As Winbox attempts to create only the greatest environment for its supporters, security concerns are a top priority for its brand partnerships. It is regarded as safe and trustworthy for gamers to wager or play on the PLAY8 platform. The data submitted by players is encrypted in the secure data bank of Winbox so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorised third parties. The most up-to-date firewall and encryption technology would offer only the safest gaming experience for players. To retain its reputation as a trustworthy Malaysian online casino, Winbox promotes and implements honesty in all of its operations. It is pretty important because it lets players place bets and enjoy their game time without worrying about anything, including security. It also lets them get their winnings without help from a third party. Winbox and PLAY8 adhere to these principles with the utmost seriousness in order to guarantee a fair gaming environment.  

Basic Information for PLAY8

  • Website:
  • Games: Online Slots and Fishing Games
  • License: PAGCOR
  • Support: Live Chat, WhatsApp, and Telegram
  • Currencies: MYR
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Malay

Pros and Cons


  • Nice User Interface with User-Friendly Functions 

PLAY8 places a substantial amount of emphasis on its UI being extremely user-friendly. While the app’s aesthetics are pleasant, they are not extremely complex. It is of the highest essential that beginners can quickly navigate the programme, especially when it comes to their money-containing online casino platform. In order to provide gamers with a great gaming experience, the site’s overall design and layout have been given significant thought. 

  • Good Slot Games Provider  

As everyone knows, PLAY8 is doing their absolute best in slot games. Not only by providing a vast selection of slot games with varying themes and prizes, but also by continually producing novel slot games, slot game enthusiasts will never become bored. 

  • Superior Level Of Safety 

When selecting a site for online gambling, you should also place a high priority on the level of security offered by the casino. With PLAY8 and Winbox, we have a reliable security system that safeguards everyone. Every single transaction is conducted using a secure payment gateway. To further protect the information and privacy of the participants, a secure firewall, encryption system, and security system requiring two distinct forms of authentication are implemented.  


  • Live Casino Games Is Not Available

PLAY8 doesn’t have real-time table casino games, which are necessary for a fun gaming experience and may be what a player at an online casino is looking for. Even if they are more interested in slot machines or fishing, an experienced gambler may choose to take a vacation from these games and play live casino games in quest of interactive activities. 

  • Sport Betting Games Is Not Available 

As sports betting is unavailable on this site, sports bettors may find it difficult to identify with it. It should not come as a surprise to you that an online gambling company may earn a substantial amount of money from sports betting alone. Some of PLAY8’s competitors are functioning exceptionally well and donating a considerable percentage of their company’s income to their sportsbook services, which is one of PLAY8’s underrated qualities. 

Must Try Online Slot in PLAY8

Online Slots 👍

**Online Slots with the highest RTP  

Dolphin Reef:
The popular slot game Dolphin Reef is built on a reef inhabited by known aquatic creatures. As you float through the deep, silent depths of the ocean, others accompany you. In the deep, blue belly of the ocean, you are surrounded by aquatic creatures of all sizes, whose beauty and grace astonish you. However, you cannot see them because they are too low.

These marine organisms have left cryptic messages over the reef in the form of letters and numerals. Matching the floating digits rewards you with the game’s payline, which has the potential to increase your wager by 250 times if you match five matching symbols. When combining animals, though, the game takes on an entirely new dimension. Use all of the available paylines, keep an eye out for free spins and scatters, and increase your wager when you discover that you’re winning a substantial sum. 

Jin Qian Wa:
If you have ever wanted to learn about Chinese culture, you cannot miss Jin Qian Wa. The slot machine game Jin Qian Wa is a 3×5 reel game featuring additional symbols from the Far East. Some of these symbols include a toad with a red ruby in its mouth, a gold turtle, an ivory elephant, and a green dragon. In addition, there is a white and black yin/yang sign, a wild symbol with Chinese text, and a variety of high card symbols with Chinese calligraphy.

Jin Qian Wa is a wild symbol that may substitute for all symbols besides scatters. When more than three scatter symbols appear in any location on the wheel, eight free games are awarded. In free games, the likelihood of additional wild symbols appearing is greater. Eventually, free games might provide gamers with extra free games.

Rich Mouse:
Rich Mouse is a slot machine game that consists of three reels and five rows, and it has three lucky rich mice that offer you with good fortune and wave at you. When playing rich mouse, there are opportunities to win enormous sums of money through 11 distinct pay tables, which are detailed in the game’s instructions. And finally, the SCATTER SYMBOL is what you need to see in order to activate the FREE SPINS FEATURE, which awards 15 free games and a multiplier of three. This feature will become active on the reels whenever there are three or more scatter symbols present in any position. In addition, the WILD SYMBOL will double any wins you get and can stand in for any other symbol, with the exception of the scatter. With the exception of the SCATTER SYMBOL, which pays out regardless of its location on the payline, winning combinations are only paid out from left to right in this game. Payline wins are multiplied by the amount that was wagered on that line.  

**Online Slots with the most impressive visual design

Super Lucky Cat:
Super Lucky Cat is a three-reel, five-row slot machine game in which the three lucky cats provide good fortune and wave at you. With any luck, you will encounter the three brothers and transform into a golden lucky cat, unlocking the door to incalculable wealth.

Similar to other slot machine games, Super Lucky Cat features wild and scatter symbols. The cat is a substitute symbol that can be substituted by any other sign. When a wild sign appears in a winning combination to replace for other symbols, the payoff is doubled. To enhance player payouts, the scatter symbol appears from left to right and right to left on neighbouring reels beginning from the leftmost or rightmost reel. Only the highest win for each betting line in each direction is paid out. The payout for all winning payline combinations (both left-to-right and right-to-left) is determined by the line bet multiplier. 

Captain Treasure:
The chest’s goodies will make everyone’s heart flutter. Enjoy such a treasure by playing Captain Treasure. This is a Playtech slot machine with a pirate theme, so you will be entertained the entire time. This game will provide you the chance to play on 5 reels, but with 9 lines that are very manageable. You won’t miss out on playing for a jackpot because there is one, and it’s quite valuable. Consider playing with the maximum wager if this is your objective.

The classic features and Wild and Scatter opportunities of Captain’s Treasure will appeal to you. The Wild is Captain Blackbeard, and your Scatter is the chest. Even if you only spin one symbol, you will receive a reward. Here, a pirate’s existence is not typically fraught with peril; rather, it consists of casual game playing. Therefore, the Jolly Roger in this 5-reel, 9-payline slot game is ready to offer you the basis for gaming, and you should not anticipate any disappointment. It is worthwhile to play for the prize, seek it out, and enjoy the rewards that the Wild and Scatter will provide. The map can help you locate the treasure. This exciting game will pay out victories from the left to the right and the right to the left. The added features will considerably benefit you.

“T-Rex,” the newest slot game from RTG, is the first time that these amazing creatures have made it to online slots. “T-Rex” has five reels filled with dinosaurs. These colourful reptiles will entertain you and help your casino balance in any way they can. Aside from them, this slot has a nice background and real-sounding effects when T-Rex is involved in a win and during the bonus rounds. Some of the other symbols are volcanoes, dinosaur eggs, and poker symbols that are the right size and shape. You can also use wild and scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and other special symbols and features to increase the number and size of your wins. 


Even though the roar of a T-Rex is usually scary, it should make you happy in this slot. Why? Because that means it has done its job as a substitute (except for scattered eggs), and it will bring you a nice, fat prize. During normal games, you can only see T-Rex on reel 3. This may seem too rare, but it shows up there quite often. This kind of makes up for the fact that it’s not on other reels. On the other hand, it doubles the prize it helps you win, which is another great thing about this symbol. 


Another sign to look forward to is the cracking of a dinosaur egg. In addition to giving prizes wherever they show up, these eggs also start special things. If you get three or more of them on the reels, you can pick an egg to see what prizes are hidden inside. The prizes include up to 10 free spins, in which T-Rex will play a special role. It will eat all the other dinosaurs on the reels, making room for more T-Rex symbols and increasing your chances of winning. 

Play 8 Fishing Game👏

Ocean King 2:

The fact that fishing games, often known as fish shooting games, are not as common in online casinos as slot games does not imply that they are any less interesting. Unlike in a regular casino, the player actively participates in a fishing game, making it significantly more engaging than spinning the reels of an online slot machine.

Ocean King is the only fishing game on PLAY8. In order to receive the highest possible payout in a competitive fishing game, you must catch and kill more fish than your opponent. The objective of the game is to catch more uncommon fish than your opponent so that you can accrue more points and cash in.

The Bomb Crab, the Drill Crab, the Laser Crab, the Roulette Crab, or the Thunder Dragon can be captured, and doing so will eventually result in a range of exciting advantages, such as the Bomb Crab, the Drill Crab, the Laser Crab, or the Roulette Crab. Capturing a Laser Crab will grant you one laser beam shot within a set window. As with the Roulette Crab, capturing the Thunder Dragon will allow you to summon a large number of dragons to attack all fishes on the field, with the possibility of double your winnings.

The game’s basic idea is more than made up for by its exhilarating gameplay, which involves rapid thinking, coordination, and ability. In addition, the game’s display boasts high-definition graphics and superb 3D animations, which create a magnificent aquatic environment. 

Bonus & Promotion

Winbox not only provides its players with access to a wide variety of casino games thanks to its association with Play8, which is affiliated with one of the most well-known online casino platforms in Malaysia, but it also provides its players with access to an extensive selection of promotions and bonus offers. These contests and promotions may provide rewards in a variety of ways, including in-app credit and cashback. New Winbox users are eligible for an assortment of enticing bonus programmes that Play8 and other game producers can implement in their preferred games. We shall review some of Winbox’s most intriguing promos in the section below:  

*** To All Winbox Participants:
Please note that the promotion may have changed since this review was written, as you are reading it after it has been published. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department if you have any issues or require additional information. You may also view it by visiting the Winbox Promotion Page. 

[Welcome Bonus] – 100% Top Up Bonus
Winbox offers a welcome bonus to newly registered customers, similar to other online casino platforms. Winbox will offer a 100% top up bonus to new users who sign up for an account and make an initial deposit of at least RM20, and the maximum claim of the bonus is RM100. The game credits can be used to place bets in Play8 and other Winbox-affiliated games. 

[Daily Spin Bonus] – Deposit RM30 get 1 spin that up to RM50 free credit everyday
Additionally, Winbox gives a daily bonus known as the “Daily Spin Bonus.” Every time a player deposits RM30 into their Winbox account, they receive one free spin with the chance to win up to RM50 in free credit per day. In other words, individuals who deposit RM300 per day can spin 10 times every day. The lowest free credit a player may receive is RM5. 

[Slot Game Turnover Bonus] – Deposit RM20 get spin for free credit
Another type of excellent promotion is primarily contingent on player turnover. A player receives one free spin for every three thousand in daily turnover. The maximum bonus associated with a spin could reach up to Rm50! Except for winnings of at least RM100, bonus credit cannot be withdrawn. This is one of the few terms and conditions that Winbox would like to make clear to their players.  

Payment Methods

Winbox offers its users a variety of payment ways. It offers a variety of payment options to accommodate customers from around the globe, some of which are consistent with the preferences of Malaysian customers.

Winbox employs an innovative mechanism that enables customers to instantly fund their accounts utilising a range of functionally identical financial institutions, automated teller machines (ATMs), immediate transfers, and e-wallets. Included among the available banks were RHB, Public Bank, AmBank, CIMB, and MayBank. These are the most prevalent in Malaysia.

It is possible to make payments using a wide variety of methods because the company caters to customers from all over the world. This allows for a great degree of financial latitude. Moreover, Winbox employs a robust security system that safeguards all passwords and follows a stringent protocol for the protection of sensitive and critical data. This guarantees that neither the passwords nor the data may be stolen.

How To Access PLAY8

Users are needed to have a Winbox account before they can access and play any of the various games on Play8. Creating an account at the Winbox online casino is a quick and easy process that requires little to no effort. In order to properly log into one’s account, one is required to perform the following steps in order:

The first thing you need to do is go to the Winbox online casino using either a web browser or the Winbox online casino app. Both of these can be downloaded from the Winbox official app download platform. After that, browse to the site’s Login and Registration section. To make an account at the Winbox online casino, simply enter your personal details afterward. Any Winbox user with a current account at the online casino enjoys unrestricted access to any game, promotion, sports betting service, and lottery service offered by the Winbox online casino. 

How To Download PLAY8

The relationship between Winbox and Play8 will benefit not just the companies, but also the players. Downloading the Winbox app is the only requirement for gaining access to the games provided by Play8 and more than 20 other online casinos. This greatly simplifies playing our favourite online casino games. Due to how convincing this argument is, we should put the Winbox software on our mobile devices so we can play these games whenever we want.

Even though players can access the mobile version of Winbox without downloading the app, it is always best to download the app from the Winbox website in order to have full access to all the games on the platform, including Play8 games. To begin, navigate to the Winbox website and locate the version that is compatible with the operating system installed on your phone. You have the option of searching for an Android or iOS version. Users will be required to go to their phone’s settings and enable the installation of any programme in order to complete the download process. Then it will be completed quickly. 

Customer Support

The vast majority of online gambling platforms and casinos operate with a customer service department. It is not uncommon for these businesses to have well-developed support systems, given that they receive hundreds or even tens of thousands of consumers per day.

Complaints are practically inevitable, and there are a multitude of different services, such as querying and enquiring about Winbox, for which only those that provide established customer care may provide a response. In other words, only customer service representatives are able to address your inquiries. You may have concerns about how to become a VIP, how to make deposits, how to take advantage of special discounts and bonuses, and other such issues.

It is general knowledge that Winbox provides among the top customer service in the market. The staff is continually engaged in customer interactions and consistently executes to the best of its ability. Live chat is one of the most important communication routes between users and Winbox, regardless of the inquiries or questions you may have. In addition, users could contact the customer service department via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and numerous other social media networks.


Play8 is one of the most prominent new online casino systems that is sweeping the globe. Regarding the significance of mobile optimization, accessibility, and user-friendly navigation on an online platform, they are dominant and stand out from the competitors. Play8’s online slot games have a reputation for being of consistently high quality and giving players a lot of fun, which is why so many Winbox online casino players like them. 

Aside from the fact that it provides opportunities to make money, they also appreciate the presentation quality of the game, which players would eventually find engaging and never tire of. Each of their works of art is developed with the purpose of satisfying all gaming-related needs from around the world, focusing on the theme of games. With the convenience of the Winbox payment method and the frequent discounts they offer back to the players, it increases the joy of gamers. Therefore, their partnership with Winbox makes playing at online casinos considerably simpler and more enjoyable.


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